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Beijing JXHS Environmental Protection Science Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells eight series of products. Industrial water treatment equipment series, water treatment equipment series, online water quality monitor series, laboratory water quality analyzer series, laboratory oil tester series, laboratory gas analyzer series, agent domestic analyzer series, agent import analyzer series.


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  • Visible spectrophotom

    Visible spe

    It can be seen that the spectrophotometer has a built-in microcomputer to realize human-machine dialogue. It is easy to operate and has perfect functions.


  • Introduction of p


    The photoelectric auto-balanced cold mirror dew point meter is an instrument dedicated to detecting the humidity of a gas.


  • Infrared spectrophoto

    Infrared sp

    Non-expert maintenance, instrument optical system, electrical system is self-contained, high degree of integration, which improves the reliability and maintainability of the instrument.


  • Industrial reverse


    Industrial reverse osmosis equipment is mainly used for pure water preparation equipment for industrial production water.


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